how to work with the Zoom Panel in ZOOM Meetings


this post about how to work on the Zoom program for the students when they are joining a meeting you know I have published a Persian one in Farsi if you go to my you tube channel for Persian users they can go to the playlist and choose google educational tools there they can find sorry I mute it, there they can find the first item how to work with zoom panel for their students.

it's a complete course about one hour but today only for library settlement I have decided to make a quick one quick review for the students how to join and work with the panel in English in a simple method when you are going to join a meeting you have lots of options how to join a meeting the easiest one maybe it is your email because the teacher or the group has sent a link for you to join a meeting so you can go to your Gmail sign in for example.

I use one of my accounts irani Batche and join in my account you have Gmail or other mails I don't know when you go to your mails you will see the link of the invitation sent to you by the teacher or the group for example this one zoom meeting or maybe it is not in your inbox it can be in other places for example in your spam sometimes it goes there and you can find it any way.

when you go to your inbox you will see it you can open your invitation letter there are some information on it as you see the topic it is LSP zoom meeting for example the time and also the link that you should click and the most important items are meeting ID and your password you can join to the meeting from this link this is one of the easiest one and the second way is you can go to zoom dot us to the website for the instructors.

there are lots of tools maybe they want to have a class so they can go and sign up and sign in for themselves but it is not necessary for you as a student to do so the only thing that you can do is join a meeting you can click here and copy the link that you have in your letter anyway maybe you get it through other social media, for example, WhatsApp Telegram Facebook no problem you can copy and paste it here ID meeting or the link the complete link.

I select the ID and copy it and then paste it here and I can join to the meeting this is one way and I told you the easiest one is this one you can click on the invitation link as you see for the first time listen carefully for the first time it wants to download and run the zoom it is about ninety six megabytes program so for the first time it will download and run an install a program and you will have it on your cell phone or on your desktop computer laptop no problem.

you can access it through by going to your Start program all programs and zoom and make a shortcut on your taskbar or desktop for example I have pinned it here start zoom and also in my taskbar and as you see here I can run it from here so when I click this program here it will run it or I can open Zoom meeting there is no difference there are lots of ways to run it as you see it says the meeting will start at 8:00 p.m.

so please wait for the host starts this meeting maybe you have started to join the meeting 5 or 10 minutes before the host lets you in so you can go and test he retest your computer audio here in your settings you can for example on the speaker you can test your speaker ok I hear the sound stop and you can raise the volume of the speaker here and also test your microphone before joining a talk and one before joining talk and play ok and here pay attention you can choose maybe you have different kinds of speakers you can choose them or hear different kinds of microphones.

you can choose one of them to check them work perfectly and adjust them there are lots of options here but it's not necessary to change them the default one is ok maybe you want to choose this one mute my microphone when joining a meeting it's a good option to mute your microphone maybe you are not ready when joining and face a problem so you can mute your microphone and also your video your picture.

 hi everybody so here you can set your camera for example if you have different kinds of cameras you can choose the best one that suits for you you have other options default one is ok maybe here another one is turn off my video when enjoining I have chosen when I'm joining meeting it turns off my camera there is no picture of me only my name or a profile picture and after.

I get ready I can there is an option that I can show my picture and video on the panel so again I when you go to test computer you can check your speaker microphone and also your video and also there is an another option here virtual background it's a good one for the people for example, you see my living room or office if you don't want to show your the background the kitchen the people that are going and coming you can choose one of the pictures or you can go and add the image from your computer and it makes your background.

but as you see the quality is not good for me because my computer is not a good one and it doesn't support the virtual background I am sure that your computer will support it it is ok and it only shows your picture if I come closer or go back you can see my picture a little blur so I choose none here as you see it works with green screen if I had a screen a green curtain on the back of my background ok it worked perfectly but unfortunately.

 I don't have if you have a good computer or good system it is not necessary to have a curtain ,too - it works perfectly if you choose one of the pictures for example this picture it comes at the background and any kind of the picture and also you can after choosing the picture you can come here pick a color for example and click somewhere you see the picture goes from that side so you can work on it play with it it is a good option for example this one and if you want to hide the background of your working area you can go here so add image and put a picture here and you can choose fo rexample the color.

 if I go and click here it covers that area but if I go and click here it covers the whole area and if my computer system was a good one it showed only my face and the background that I am in the jungle(forest) and teaching you zoom so here as I told you we have video we have options to set up our video audio and also virtual background and other other aspects for example sharing a screen if you want to share your screen you can choose the options here it's not so important (critical) for the students and also recording.

 if the teacher wants you to record you can if the teacher instructor lets you you can record the conference but it's not a good idea you should ask the permission from the instructor legally you are not allowed to record the sessions you should ask the permission anyway so before starting the meeting you can check your audio and video and also any time if you want to go to this program no problem it is not necessary to join I leave the meeting ok after running the zoom program for the first time you have the program here.

if you even you are not connected to the on the Internet you can start the zoom this program it will come here you see it is on the tray then you can go and right-click on the program right-click on the program you can choose settings here there are lots of other options too for example joining meeting from here sharing a screen and sign in and other options you can go to even your language.

if you want you can for example some languages unfortunately not Persian but Chinese Mandarin French other languages you can choose and see the options in your own language so again after running the zoom program it will start and you can go here right click on the program and go to settings when you go to settings this is the same place that I showed you a minute ago and you can look at them and check out for example I don't want to have my background like that it's not good for me and after setting the options I can close it anyway now.

I am ready I want to join to the meeting so I told you the easiest one is this one I go to the link and start the meeting when it comes and installs the program for the first time I am ready I open the zoom program but it says I'm sorry you should wait for the instructor but the instructor can start the program if he wants sooner so as an instructor I go to my cell phone and start the program we go online okay as you see it says that the host will let you in soon.

I admit you in my class I see your name and let you come into the class okay okay sorry I should mute my voice as an instructor ok, I muted voice as an see as I a student you have this panel there are some tools here you should know and learn how to work with them and some other options that the instructor can let you to do the first one this is your microphone if you see a red line on it it means that your voice is off it is muted so if you want to speak with the instructor you can click on it and now your you see you.

if you listen I can hear your voice there so if you want to talk you can click on it and unmute it but pay attention when you are in a session please turn it off because the people may hear some buzzing sounds and it is bothering so don't unmute it until when you are going to talk or the speaker or the instructor asks you to talk, to adjust it you can go click on the arrow here and you can choose the kind of the microphone that you are going for example I want to use my laptop microphone so you can adjust it here or audio setting you can go again the same place that I showed you some minutes ago and this is your video as I told you for the first time I have chosen as a student not to display my video but now.

if the instructor asks me or I want to show myself I can play it as you see hello this is the student but another one is the instructor if you want to see the video of the in struct or I will show it here he can he can go and choose it now this one sorry this is the instructor both of them are students and instructors so I turn it off as an instructor you see so you saw that it is so simple if you want you can show your video your live video your picture that you are talking and your background or not it's not so important and if you click on it it will show only your name and your profile the picture that you have on your profile Gmail and other places that you have so this is for controlling the sound and the picture.

if you want to change the camera you can call the same as the microphone you can go here and change it or you can go to video setting and change your for example put your the background on yourself so you can access it as I told you from here to but other options participants if you click here you see their participants only we have two participants one is the host okay another one is what can I do I can here again I can mute and unmute my voice and if I go to more.

I can rename so you can change your name when joining a meeting it's not important but pay attention for the classes if you have a fixed name and they recognize you with that name so please don't change your name and have a fixed name and also some reactions these are nonverbal reactions you can chat with the people but here you can say for example right you can raise your hand if you have a question you can click on it and it shows to the instructor I can see on my cell phone that you have raised your hand.

so I can answer your question if you got your answer you can lower your hand you can click on it and again lower you can agree for example say yes these are nonverbal actions Yes No please go a slower go faster talk faster and some other more options and like dislike and other things okay now I want other people to join our class one moment please as you see another student has joined the group so if I want to see the other people I can click on the participants and see the name of them and choose and for example, send them some messages and so on I close this one the next item is chat.

if you want to chat with the group for example the instructor and other students you can click here again chat and you can choose the person that you want for example if you say hi and click on the Enter it will show to everybody but here you can choose the person that you are for example if I want to send only to the instructor not to everybody talk there is a problem I want to send a message to the instructor I can choose privately the instructor or some body else for example a person that I want to ask him or her a question so here you can choose everyone.

it is by default for everyone you can choose the person and also maybe the instructor doesn't let you pay attention maybe the instructor doesn't let you two chat together so it differs here sometimes but any way usually you can send the message to everyone or choose the person that you want to send the message for example the instructor and say a problem as you see it is sent privately only the instructor will see it and here if you click on these three dots you can save your chats again.

maybe the instructor doesn't let you save your chats because as I told you before it is a personal group and if the instructor doesn't let you you are not allowed to save record and save the chats or a screen or the picture of the meeting so be careful about this item okay I will close it next item share a screen it's so sensitive be careful about it mostly the instructor doesn't let you share your screen but here if I click OK it shows that the instructor has let me share my screen if I want to show the other people for example a website here I can choose the website or the program I can for example run my power point or Microsoft Office Word and write and show them.

if I run a program for example this one again I go to share a screen you see the Microsoft Word ishere I can choose it and click here to share and share the program or a websiteI want to for example show them something on the website I can choose myinternet first you should run it when you run it it will be here I can choose myinternet program and then choose share now everybody in the group can see myinternet and for example I can click on the Google and search something on itand I can click here for example I write Iranian food or cuisine ok then I canchoose and talk about the Iranian food for example there was anything that Iwould like to share with them so when you want to share something with yourfriends or the group be careful work on it before sharing it when you share aprogram you have some tools here if you look at here again you can mute orunmute your microphone here you can show your video or turn it off and alsosee the participants the same tools but here you will have some other more itemsto control your sharing a screen first one is to pause a share if you pause theshare they will see only this picture if for example I can go and choose forexample Iranian flag be sure that they won't see these activities and even youcan go to your Microsoft and write something on itfor example zoom testing they won't see this or I can go check my email becauseit is paused and only they see the file or the window of which I have sharedpreviously I mean Iranian food when I click on resume again they can see thesame page I was sharing but I can share new choose new share and go to andshare this picture for example or Microsoft Word and share with them nowthey will see only this one so you have pause option here and also new share asI told you when you pause it pauses here everybody sees the only this part notother options you can go anywhere your powerpoint or your computer anywhere youcan do and make ready when you are ready you can continue your sharing the samepicture that you were showing them or you can go to a new share orcan stop the share you finished the sharing and they will have the instructor's pageso be careful about the share screen if the instructor lets you to share yourscreen be careful and by accidentally don't click here when you are in a classmaybe the instructor has forgotten to forbid you from sharing and you haveaccess here don't click and share a page that maybe it's not suitable forthe other people and another item here is whiteboard it's really a good option whenyou choose a whiteboard you can share it and here you have lots of other items toshow now it is displayed for everybody and the instructor for example a-b-c-danything that you want to share with them here you have lots of other optionsfor example if you want to write a text you can click here text and clicksomewhere and write something zoom testing ok and you can here on theformat you can choose the color or the size of the font anything that you wouldlike you have lots of options you have drawing you can click here and sorry youcan click here and choose one of them for example this one and choose thecolour from here and draw anything that you want here also you have do undoand redo you can undo redo if you made a mistake also, you have clear you can clear all drawings that you have written here soyou have other tools you can test for example the shapes you can click anddrag and make it a small large anything and if you want to clear it you canclick here clear and also you have some stamps for example here I click to pointthat some items are important on my PowerPoint or on theitems that I am teaching for example check mark and some other question markanything but here you have the spotlight the difference is that when you click onthe stamps they stay here but on spotlights when you click only it is on the cursor that shows where you go so there is a difference even the arrow onlyonce it shows where you are moving and we have eraser the eraser lets meclean one by one but the clear cleans all of them at once and this isthe format for colour this is for the lines if you here choose a drawing lineyou can choose for example the size of the line from format the line widths andthis is the font and the size of the font bold italic and so on for the textthis one you can work on it it's so easy and I clear all drawings or I can clearmy drawings and clear viewers drawing there are other options here you can chooseand also if the instructor lets you you can save the whole screen if you clickhere it will show the folder and you can as you see it is saved here again Igo and for example if I write something here draw something ok anything I can goand save when I save it as you see the whole picture it is a print screenfrom this part that I have shown and this is the one that I can close thetools and again if I want I can click on the whiteboard and choose the item thatI want for example this one select and when my job is done I canstop share or pause I can here pause it they will have only this part and Ican go and for example make my next presentation ready then I can go and newshare and choose for example Microsoft Word and now they see only MicrosoftWord this part here also I can use annotate the tools that I showed youhere on my Microsoft Word for example I can choose this one and show them ok onmy powerpoint on the internet even on the internet you can use thesetools on the internet drawing or stamps for example I can choose and show themok these are the main important tools and so onuse anything that I showed you the text even here I can use the annotate toolshere and I save the same picture as I told you here as you see this is theprint screen of this picture okay these are the tools that I told you youcan use when I stop it is finished so be careful about sharing your screen whenyou share a screen first be ready which screen you are going it's not soimportant (critical) until you haven't chosen share none ofthem will be shown and displayed to the group so be sure that the page that youare going to display to the group is ready then choose it or the whiteboardif you want or some items from your iPhone okthis is the basic one but in advance if you go to advanced you can even sharea portion of a screen you can choose a portion a part of your screen choosethis one and you see there is a window here if I click and bring it here they will seeonly the part that is here so you can share a portion a part of your screen if you want again I pause it and I go to shareadvanced I can share the sound of for example, there is a film I want to sharewith them the sound of the film ok the music I can choose this one and alsohere you can choose share computer sound when you are showing for example ayoutube film for them you can share your computer sound and also you can choosethis one to make better for video clips it shows the video clips much betterwith good quality so you have some tools on the basic the most important one isthe whiteboard and also the programs that you have run recently and also inadvance you can share a portion of a screen or the sound of the I mean thesound of your computer and music or video clip be careful that it is it issecured and it is not shown to anybody until you share it when you share it itis shared and everybody can see it ok but the remote control be careful aboutthis one when you choose a remote control and accept that somebody forexample the teacher or the students can connect your computer they can accessyour computer and work with your keyboard our mouse for example there isa problem that you cannot solve it on your computer and you allow theinstructor or somebody from the group you choose the name and allow him tocome to your computer and do it for you so be careful about the remote control it'snot usually used but it is good to know about this option too and we have othermore options maybe you you won't see these options here because some of themare restricted by the instructor one of them is record we have, I stopsharing we have record here you you see when I click it says that theinstructor hasn't allowed me to record the meeting but sometimes the instructorlets you record the whole meeting again I warn you it is a critical issue don'trecord don't save anything from the meetings that you are in and don't spread it because it may bring you some legal problems and issues so be carefulabout recording saving chats in the meetings except by the permission of theinstructor okay so these are the tools that you should know how to work on the zoom panel this is the same one that you have here you can check your audio and testyour audio also and sharing your computer's voice with others and alsothis is the same the same one sharing your screen this is the same one and invite others if the instructor lets you you can click here and copy copy thisURL this link and send to other people to join the meeting but it is not a good option for you or for the instructor if he lets you do so sobe careful about it because it is not allowed in most of the meetings so youcan click here and copy the invitation and through the gmail or yahoo mailother means you can send and the password is here for other friends tojoin the meeting these were the necessary items that I wanted to mentionfor you but be careful about joining a meeting on some items first (not forget to)unmute your voice when you are going to talk and also display your picture your videopay attention that here you have some other options too as you see mymicrophone here is muted so I can go unmute it and I can talk here I cango to more and also stop my video I don't want to share my video with othersagain I start my video and also I can have this window but I hide myself viewI can see everybody but I hide myself view so here I can show myself again andalso I can pin my video pin the video here as you see it changes and again Ican go here and unpin my video and also there are other options here if I gosorry if you go here to the speaker's view you can choose the gallery there areother options for example you can see like this or click here only you and thehost and only the person who is talking so you can have other options you cantest it by yourself when you are in a meeting here it shows the time of themeeting and also on the gallery it is the same thing that I showed you andhere you can exit the full screen and see in a small one and work on yourprograms for example you haven't shared your program they don't see anything andit is not necessary for you to be panic because you haven't shared anything fromhere you can work on it and see them too so if you want again you can click hereand go to the fullscreen and even you can choose the instructor and here you canchoose and chat with the instructor ok I am going to leave for examplewrite him leave and send him privately or everybody as I told you here you canchoose to everybody and also on chat you can send a file be careful even forexample the instructor wants to share you a document to work on it he canchoose a file and send you the file so but if the instructor hasn't let you youcannot it depends on the program and the meeting the type of the meetings sohere as you see we have chat on the chat we have the file if I choose the file I cansend you a file from my own computer to work  on it and you see on the chat option I told you this is the share screen and this is for recording andthis is the nonverbal reactions for example good or bad or for example likethis like something like this you can show nonverbal reactions and when themeeting is finished ok you can click here before leaving I go to the speakerview you can see other options here you if you see this is another way of to seethe people this is the instructor in the middle this is the person who is talkingif usually you see her/his microphone is green and he or she is talking and youcan have other people here you can go and chat with them one by one or you cancome here and chat by all the group everyone by choosing everybody to talkwith them and the last important warning please be careful when you are in ameeting you don't know the people that are here for example they are Iranianfrom China from other countries they are religious non-religious they are JewishMuslim so be careful, respect everybody don't bebiased about talking about the Asians for example about the Europeans about thepolitics about the religion about the people respect everybody and be carefulabout the things that you are talking and showing/sharing be careful about it andrespect everybody and I hope that this course was useful for everybody I'm sosorry I prepared it so quickly I'm sure that it could be much betterthan this one but anyway I wanted to show you some items that was necessaryas a student when you are joining to a meeting again I apologize if youcouldn't understand my English my pronunciation maybe wasn't so clear andaccurate as English is my second language not my first language thanks somuch for your patience and I hope you have learned somethingfrom it and it was useful for you I wish you the best stay safe and well I hopeto see you again have a good day bye 

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