How to make money using social media 2020

How to make money using social media 2020
I want to talk to you about marketing I've learned a little something in the last 12 years since we started first started a YouTube channel but even over the last 30 years when I'm trying to get myself known as a kid that you know starting a bus in ess and.

I had a idea and I was going out and knocking door-to-door cold call in gon companies and my pitch was always hey my name is grant car done and I got an idea and it took the you know from 35 I'm sorry from 30 years old till 45 years old nobody knew me one door at a time.

it was slow and go it was very very painful if you don't like the idea knocking on doors and taking 20 years for people to get to know you well I'm gonna show you in this video and I'm gonna show you in this video how you can actually get known blast out to the world if you have an idea a product a service an event a charity you want to get known you got a book you want to sell you got a product you want to sell you want to do it from home online people ask me.

all the time I'm a grant if you were 20 years old what would you do today I'd do two things I'd get ament or and I would mark it online okay I'd take all the money that I make it online the third thing I would do is I'd invest in real estate and you see me doing that every day but today what I want to talk to you about is marketing.

how can you get known in the world today you might not know this but last year in 2019 Forbes magazine called me the number one social media in fluencer in the world to watch okay what they didn't tell you was I raise more money last year than any other single human being in the world a crowdfunded 360 million dollars in the last 25 months with almost no ad budget.

now you're gonna say what about Kylie Jenner and what about the soccer Pro look I'm not a celebrity I'm not an actor and not an actress I'm not running around a bikini I don't have any athletic skills I'm not Floyd May weather I'm not Kevin Hart I'm not a celeb by the world yet I race one third of a billion dollars a third of a billion dollars no endorsements that third of a billion dollars bought 1 billion dollars for the real estate in addition to that almost every month last year.

we did four million dollars a month in educational products and services sold online I don't think I'm exaggerating by penny that's a million dollars a week now if you told me when I was thirty years old that one day I would be I would be making a million dollars a week I'd be like are you stupid that's ridiculous okay I spent 15 years 15 years knocking on doors traveling all across the United States put three million miles on my body on my body flying across the United States spending 200 up to 250 days.

year trying to get people to know me one door at a time you don't have to do that today YouTube Facebook Instagram tik-tok LinkedIn Twitter or ways for you to get to known today so what I want to start with this okay I want to start with well who are you okay who are you exactly what have you done or accomplished whathave you accomplished okay what have you failed at okay.

what is the story you'r egonna tell and basically it goes like this okay you basically draw yours lf out who are you okay who are you what have you accomplished what do you feel that what do you do every day because what we're trying to do is we're trying to build the story that you're gonna tell every day on these channels okaye very day you see me go post something online you see me post a lot of stuff okay in the beginning people just accused me do you post every day.

he's posting something okay whatever look you cannot you can you can criticize me Forbes magazine acknowledge me but they didn't acknowledge me for the thing that's most important okay whether I'm the number one social media influence orin the world or not I don't think that even has anything to do with any thing be cause.

it doesn't feed my kids the fact that I raised three hundred and sixty million dollars and did fifty five million dollars in online educationalsales last year and sold out a twelve thousand eight hundred person event inLas Vegas some of the tickets were twenty grand a pop the fact that I sell corporate contracts thirty to sixty in dollars to Fortune 100 companie severy single day of the year online using social media.

marketing that's important that's way more important then who's the best social media marketer in the world you got to pay your bills okay I want to show you how to monetize your brand your name your company your service is your idea and your products so look this is you okay this is me this is you okay you take a whiteboard like this and you draw out who you are now what I want you to do is I want you to start writing out who are you this is how you're going to tell your story.

many of you many of you maybe maybe you've had this problem what is your content what are you going to talk about what is your program what is your package don't figure out the content first what I want you to figure out first what I want you to figure out first I'm looking at my watch because I'm a father I got two kids see if you just look around and pay attention to what you're doing right now.

I tell my wife this all the time look don't try to create ide as what are you doing this valuable everybody everybody is doing some thing that's valuable if you are without work today you don't have a job you're 18 years old in an inner-city Baltimore and you're thinking about going out tonight you don't know what to do don't know how to make money don't know how to take care of your mom you got a drug problem all those things are your story.

okay those are your story don't look for ideas don't look for lyrics don't think about the lyrics you have the lyrics inside of you so just like you would just like a rapper would build a story out of their experiences you know if you listen to Kanye in the early days he's talking about when he worked at Gap he'stalking about when he ripped off the register he's talking about when he stoled went when his manager thought.

he was stealing from the store because those things happen to him too many of you're trying to create products and services what does the customer need I'm gonna find out what problems the world is having and I'm gonna solve them dude if you figured out the problems.

you're having we've got the problems you're having which is needs to be another list right here your story comes from your problems okay so let's just take this Who am I oh I'm grant Cornell okay that's my name well you can only go okay grant car done okay now later what happened because I started telling my story enough I became somebody other than Grant Car done okay over the last 12 years.

it's only been 12 years since I started on the multimedia did I say the most I media okay that I became mr. 10x and that I became uncle G and that I became master G the seare nicknames that people gave me okay these are stories that you get to tell how did I become uncle G because one day I told the story about how I was 15 and 16 and 17 years old .

I wanted an uncle to help me and they never came and that I told my mom one day I'm gonna be an uncle to others I'm gonna be the uncle to others that my uncle wasn't to me and somebody started calling me uncle G right see again it comes out of stories who are you who are you okay I'm gonna give you this assignment to sit down and start looking at who are you.

oh I'm a college grad I graduated from college okay who else oh I'm a father so what I want you to do is everything I'm a father I'm a husband okay this list is gonna get real big I'm a business owner anything to do with business owner oh I survived 2008 huge part of my story by the way.

I saw IRA saw a 2008 with no bank ruptcy all my friends went bankrupt that's part of my story this is gonna be the content oh I'm a real estate investor okay now I'm a cat daddy which by the way I'm not proud of I'd much rather be tiger King okay okay so I'm areal estate investor all right oh I have one point eight billion dollars where the real estate.

a lot of you out there you like oh he's always bragging he's always bragging look if you're not telling your story if you're not bragab out your story you're not telling your story JC is going to tell people people until people finally say it about him that he's the jay-z okay one day you'r egonna be able to walk in a room and you will not have to introduce yourself the whole room will get sucked out the energy in a room will get sucked out because everybody.

will do this oh he's here look who's here that's what this is about it's about marketing yourself until the world knows you to the point you don't have to introduce yourself I didn't know this when I was 25 years old thirty years old thirty-five forty years old forty-five years old you know what I was doing hey my name is Grant Car done hey my name is Grant Car done today I can get in the room I don't have to introduce myself every day until you work yourself up the food chain okay so if I want to call and talk to Floyd May weather.

today the first time I might have to introduce myself I'm probably gonna need his agent I'm probably gonna need a friend I'm probably gonna need some body that works for him but at some point Floyd is gonna be like oh now I know who you're you're that dude I see you all over I saw you the game I saw you here I saw you there I saw you online.

I saw you on YouTube I saw you talking about you know whatever on TV the other day okay okay so a business owner 2008 survivor I'm just giving you ideas right here a billion dollars in real estate oh let's take the other side okay accomplishments failures your failures are part of your story okay drug addict okay lost my dad lost a brother.

what else failures a terrible student in school this becomes part of your story it becomes part of what you're gonna post online as part of the the energy that you have to share with your audience that you can communicate with somebody at 8 o'clock in the morning again at 9:30 again at 11:00 again at 1:00 and you can mix it up okay so let's see he re I got these are all things that that I'm building story

lines about that I'll be able to share with my staff okay oh well I'm a marketing guy I'm sitting here talking to you about marketing oh I'm a speaker you see I actually have to have people remind me what I do I've only done like 7,000 speaking engagements and I forgot then I'm a speaker in fact I'm probably one of the highest paid speakers in the world today am i bragging you know what they say if it's true it ain't bragging or maybe it's both and by the way if you're gonna market yourself you're gonna have to brag a little bit.

because if I don't tell people maybe you don't know hell I forgot I was a speaker and by the way speaker in Dubai speaker in Singapore a speaker in Australia all across the world 19 countries last year so I can now start communicating with other people in other parts of the world and telling people in Australia yeah I was in Sydney I was in Melbourne I was in Brisbane by the way.

I went to Auckland then I went to Fiji can't wait to come back I'm marketing directly to that group of people okay so oh reminds me three million miles with the Airlines commercial flights in coach seats middle seats earning miles eating cold nuts putting up with flight attendants telling me to put my phone up oh just remembered.

I'm the guy that got your phone approved on the airline's so that you can actually use your phone on takeoff that's in the newspaper okay where I fought the FAA and what's that got to do with anything because you know what when the airlines get going again I can communicate about what's going on with the airlines it's again part of my story you'll use it oh just forgot how about I'm the only guy in the world that has ever no no only guy in the world that's ever videoed a bird strike the only guy okay.

I forgot but it's part of my story it's some content I'm not saying it's gonna be a program you're not gonna have a program on bird strikes probably not okay but look how well Tiger King did a story okay oh I wrote books okay accomplishments we're back to accomplishments now okay they'll just pop up okay author Arthur what okay eight books thirteen best-selling business programs.

now what is the business program most people don't talka bout their business programs I've made more money from business programs than I have from my book sales I'm one of the number one most listened to programs on all abominable with the 10x rule the 10x rule has been translated Hebrew Arabic Portuguese it aliano a 10 X 10 X your pasta connection mama okay let's see author 8 books 13 business pro card on university.

almost forgot only 50 million users now you're gonna start you're not you might not have all this stuff if you dig in you will you'll have as many things as I have about a house be for eac complishment I got a divorce in 72 hours most people don't even know that story about me Friday afternoon realized I was going toget a divorce on Monday morning it was finalized it was a Saturday or Sunday -the days the lawyers weren't even open on Monday at 10:00 a.m. it was signed okay.

my entire divorce cost me $1,100 who's done that nobody can do that okay would you say Jerry crowdfunded I crowdfunded the first reggae fun ever 250 million dollars okay probably in the last 24 months I think with great certainty actually using Facebook and Instagram if crowdfunded more money than any other single living human being which would include dead people - OH who sold out more than stadium.

I did okay oh I forgot I was a car salesman what a story car salesman sells out Marlin Stadium Marlins stadium right here you see one thing will start leading me Oh huh I'm a watch collector Jarrod'shaving to help me again okay okay you've seen videos and all this stuff by the way oh I own a jet I forgot I forgot I'm the guy that bought the jet when there wasn't a jet for sale also I'm the guy that never got on it yet until I was 28 years old part of the story also I'm a guy that never flew on a private jet until.

I was on my own private jet never charted yet never been on a jet until I step foot on a jet that I bough tall part of this story right so is aviation a group of people sure or car salesmen a group of people sure if I worked another retail industry yes I was at furniture salesman when I was 17 years old I worked at McDonald's when I was 16 years old.

 I was fired from seven jobs seven jobs in a row I was as hoe salesman maybe maybe you heard the story of me and Kevin Hart talking about selling shoes I think Kevin could have outsold me on shoes okay okay but I had a different reason to be there a cab was fired fired seven jobs let me clean that up okay so what do I have it one two three four five six seven eight nine 1011 12 I'm a teacher every day I'm teaching I'm a coach how many people have I mentor Jared tens of thousands tens of thousand forgot that I was a coach the point.

I'm trying to make to you until you do this whiteboard and do it over and over again I've done this probably six or eight times in my life you got to keep doing it over and over and over again I'm a friend okay I'm a hard friend I'm a hard friend okay I'm not a friendly friend oh I forgot brand clearly I have a very distinct brand not just one brand either okay if you notice if you look at that board I've been branded car salesman.

I have been branded social-media in fluencer I have been branded reale state investor I know some people that know that I'm a real estate investor they don't even know I'm on social media I know people that know I'm on social media talking about X Y or Z maybe money I'm a money guy talk about money all the time huh Oh philanthropist forgot I've raised 110 million dollars for charitiesin addition to that giving ten awake for myself raised a million dollars for the Grant Car done Foundation which helps kids without fathers we did that in one event in Las Vegas employer I'm actually an employer okay I'm an employer of over 500 people I'm a business partner.

I got partners that have made more money with me than they could make on their own you know who I'm talking about let's see oh backgammon I play backgammon it's another thing so again this is your story you got to know it man if you're unconscious about who you are if you don't tell your story nobody's gonna tell your story for you this is where the books are gonna come from this is where the audio programs come from this is where the speaking gigs come from this is where time onstage comes from this is why you can wind me up drop me on a stage.

anywhere in the world and say talk and I can be like okay what we're going to talk about the podcast have I done a few podcasts not even on the list okay in fact I have probably made more money doing webinars than any other person alive today I just want to give a big shout-out to my friend Lewis house taught me how to do podcasts he taught me him and Jack webinars podcasts webinars yeah I'm not a podcast webinars see I don't even know what to call him okay now if I was Joe Rogan I'd be a pod caster but I'm not I did a podcast I did one podcast in two hours we did almost two million dollars took us less than 21 days to promote it 80,000 people registered.

how do you do that you gotta have stories to tell we did an event once I forgot live events we do the largest live events on planet Earth I know I'm giving you guys a lot to listen to right here Oh for god I did a TV show okay I forgot the I'm I've beeninter viewed by multiple TV shows Fox CNBC Yahoo CNN okay so now the questionis gonna be how do I put all this together so it's not just mumbo jumbo you can't read it anymore and this is how this information sits in most people's head it's just a bunch of mush it's kind of like looking at the riotson TV said of Macy's you know is that um a season is that Bloomingdale's is that Nikes okay.

 I think I saw a bunch of you actually robbing some of those stores okay let me tell you who you're really robbing by not doing this you're robbing your self you have to get your story clear you got to get your story clear ona Swartz never very clear what his story is know exactly who the dude is the rock very clear on what his story was it's seven dollars to $12 seven dollars it' sover nobody tells the story seven dollars the rock here hey the rock here Dwayne Johnson tried that went back to Dwayne the rock Johnson he tried toaband on that rock thing dude it cost him okay.

who is he who are you what's your story what are you going to be known for what's the rock known for wrestler fun an tough-guy a movie store fitness guy tequila gotta see the story starts to building out right he comes from being the Hawaiian some Simone I don't know oh yeah forgot Louisiana I'm a southern boy I am entitled to abuse the English language see I just lean into it Samoan Samoan whatever dude I'm from Louisiana okay leaning into it okay.

I misspelled words walmarts dude own it own own it own who you are there's no power in you trying to deny where you came from and what your story is your story is money some body is going to relate to your story the first book I ever wrote firstof all it took me 51 years to write the book do I have that in common with other people do you think you need to wait until you're old to write a book no you're not you don't okay so when you start telling your story when you start when you spend time with me in this mentoring group what you're gonna do is get clear on your story see today with social media.

what happens is people are trying to be me or they're trying to be Gary Vee or they're trying to be I was watching a movie the other night I'm like that guy's trying to be Tom Cruise like the guy the actor had not figured his own self out yet so he's pretending to be someone else rather than himself until you find out who you are and learn how to tell your story comfortably in you rown shoes drew Brees drew Brees yesterday came out and said man I'mnever not going to defend the flag okay.

all the New Orleans weren't freaking nuts on him he came out today and said man I apologize I realized I heard a lot of people because of my he leaned into his story social media is adistribution network it's free okay it is probably the greatest gift well oh okay oh yeah let me write that mechanically deficient ignoramus yeah I cuss too and I'm a redneck and I shoot guns so you see all those things are part of the story I gave a dog an enema once with a hose with the garden hose cut off the end of it only a redneck does that how you know your redneck when you cut off the tip of it a garden hose you turn on the faucet and you put.

it up the dogs to get the peanuts out of an idiot too many yup that's how you know you are redneck okay and by the way it was the perfect cure so so a dog owner you see all this talking I've been doing what 20 minutes and I forgot man I've owned dogs I owned a dog called a beagle when I was a little kid I lost him I owned an underdog called tramp he was a found dog he was you know we called him tramp because he was a mud right I owned a Doberman pinscher.

I owned two Great Danes and two chocolate labs that were flown in from Wales they were exceptional phenomenal dogs owned a parrot once now I got two cats so why do I want it why do I want to tell that why do I want to know that I've owned animals because about 40% of all Americans have a pet okay in fact some of you will pay more for your pet than you will your girlfriend or your boyfriend you'll leave them before you leave you little boo-boo okay you'll pick up their poop but won't pick up my clothes okay so check it out check it out this this is this is what we do this is how we lay out our OP khun's so when we start telling stories si will start heaven people opt in to Grant Car done calm for its last mentor okay.

then we'll have a thank you page to respond to offer a buy or a no buy I'll be going over all this okay the exact funnel that we lay out okay one of the things that we do here probably better than anybody in the world I mean I'm just telling you we don't sell funnels I don't have a funnel business to sell you but what matters more than the funnel itself is what you're saying while you're communicating through the funnel what am I saying am i doing video am i doing text-message am i doing chat am i intervene II am I using a landing page am i doing a website that's what we're laying out here is it a one-click up sell.

we ran a program this weekend it was free 70,000 people registered how do you get people to even register what are you gonna pay for that okay how are you gonna make sense of whether to continue with it or not continue with it when they pay for it do you make money we had 70 thousand people we were profitable before I did the event it was free event we make 250,000 dollars in less than 21 days and were profitable before they did the event our last 10x growth conference we have twelve thousand eight hundred people show up for this event might not seem like a big deal to you we are the only profitable event business in the world today.we make our events profitable the moment you walk into a 10x growth conference you can look around and you could tell these people already made money.

I know all of you had been to an event before where they weren't making money they didn't make money they lost money to get you to the event and then they spent the next two or three days selling you something hard they probably used me as aheadliner maybe Tony okay maybe pitbull they bring in these headliners so but Sylvester Stallone was there and you went in there and then they then they got it they got to make it up later okay on our vents what we do is we flip the model I'm not going to go into everything here I'll be doing that or a mentor call but this is basically laid out.

how we can be profitable how you could be profitable before you even literally you could make money on your ads not on your event and so you'd quit complaining about the cost of advertising because you'd be like okay we spend a dollar in made six bucks we spent twenty days and made 250 what was the product we hadn't delivered one yet wouldn't that be nice we made two hundred fifty thousand dollars and then we turned the webinar on on a Saturday afternoon and made another 1.7 million dollars in two and a half hours some of those people by the way when they click from zero then they went to $10 then they came to the webinar immediately went to 10,000 10,000 in the first 20 minutes okay in the first 20 minutes of this webinar and I'll show you.

how to do this in our mentor programing our marketing mentor program in the first 20 minutes of the program we had already done eighty thousand a third of what we had advertised for 21 days and had another hundred and eighty thousand dollars in people that wanted to spend more time with me not less and that was in the first 20 minutes okay in the first 20 minutes we almost did what we did in 21 days and then went on to do it out of the million seven but you just need to know what is the funnel when I come to a one-click up sell for real estate masterclass at $97 where do I go from there is it up is it down or it's just all around do.

I do this on YouTube do I do it on LinkedIn you ought to do it on Instagram do I do it on Facebook where do I push to is an email program how many emails we send out last year 200 million 200 million emails how many people were on an email list so 1.3 million people first you got to build a list I started with one email it was mine okay it was GC at Grant Car done comm you can try it right now sooldest email I have started with Grant GC I'd email myself how does this look I do it all the time how does this email look I look at ads all the time ad copies how does this ad look and I send it to myself.

I write it and then send itto myself and I look at it see is this is a creator you want you want tobelieve it's oh shit that was good or maybe you don't believe it was good and that's not so good don't decide if it's good or not good send it to yourself and then look at it okay 200 200 million emails that you can learn from me what work what font worked what length of email worked what are we saying in the subject line that worked do the words all need to be spelled right should there be images should there be video should there be links should we send a landing page should we send a website when like you know on this I'm telling you you can sit at home today.

you don't have to go back to college you don't even have to finish high school and you could make a you could make more money than your mom and dad combined sitting in front of a computer or with the telephone if you had the right product the right service the right price point what is the right price point okay and if you started zero then we're four ninety five $4.95 ten dollars $19 when do you get two hundred when do you go to a thousand should you go to ten thousand could you get to a million dollars.

how much we raised today four hundred twenty thousand dollars came in online today crowdfunding using Instagram Facebook YouTube using these channels you probably can't see it well enough can I see you Johnny okay where do i distribute to how does the message change from lincoln sagen for what day before brian bragging he thinks he did some he's got the easiest job in the world I figured it out he just sits over there in a chair ding-ding-ding look.

what I did I fly plane autopilot huh okay Jonathan get the plane ready grant by the gas we're ready to lift off hey everybody wants your job okay okay so look look what do I use here it took me 20 years to learn 20 years to learn what was more powerful than websites I wasted millions of dollars millions of dollars on websites like if you if you if you got a budget issue don't but build a website we have something is way superior to websites by 50x a website is not what I would send people to okay the these pages that we have created here you can go copy them okay I'm going to show you starting to night if you're seeing this after the fact you can always reach reach out to my office you're seeing this.

because your own card on you right now we did this with car don you we constantly update the information in it and as this year as we unfold the next 200 million 200 million emails on whatever the new distribution channel network is it could be discovery it could be a program on audible maybe it's a podcast that we drop on Netflix or Bravo the next forum whatever it is the tick-to ck or the Facebook or the LinkedIn the messages have to change with the personality and characteristics of the distribution channel okay it's really important for you guys to note like Nathan on LinkedIn is different.

when he goes to Facebook he looks different he looks different he looks he he doesn't personally look different he looks different he understand he looks at information differently he has changed he's gone from being in church to being at a comedy club he's gone from being at the Country Club and then he goes to tick tock and now he's an idiot okay he goes he goes to tick to ck he acts like an idiot jumping into people's shoes doing stuff he would never do if he was on another channel.

then he goes to YouTube and he's like I'm gonna do an hour I'm gonna do a one-hour video on YouTube which you can get away with we have video on YouTube one video is 20 hours long how long is that video the long one John 18 hours sorry okay I exaggerate I tend to do that you want to be a marketing genius buddy you better learn how to exaggerate okay you better learn how to exaggerate cuz right now what you're doing is I promise you you're drowning right now.

nobody knows you nobody knows your brand nobody knows you because you refuse to exaggerate you exaggerate in Reverse you know what I mean you tell the world nothing and that is a form of exaggeration in Reverse you don't tell the world what you're doing you don't brag to the world how you how are you gonna change the world nobody knows you you can't get me to follow you if you're behind me okay you got to get out front you need to get your little megaphone and you need to tell people this is what I do this is who I am I'm raising money for charity I'm trying to help the world mother Teresa had a voice muhammad ali I am the greatest in the world okay Conor McGregor great marketer.

he's not the number one greatest fighter in the UFC he's the highest-paid fighter in the US see money follows attention money follows attention okay you want to solve the poverty pot problem of your community you got to get you got to get busy get noisy right now you're competing with riots and protests and politicians and bullshit and lies next week you'll be competing with aliens I keep waiting for the skies to open up there's a ship outside and your business is gonna die because all the attention gets sucked out of the room because something on TV or radio and TV and radio does not want to lose their last little foot hole on the world.

because that's where their monetization comes from question is what is your monetization come from all right so I'm gonna try to take part of this when do I get a customer to opt-in when do I get a customer to opt-in okay when do I get a customer to register for free when do I get a customer to give me a credit card okay when they register by the way I guarantee there's a mistake you're making right now you guys get people to give you an email before they give you a name you shouldn't do that you should be like name that's it no password no setup.

we made this mistake it's cost me hundreds of millions of dollars oh I got to get all the data first we do it over and over again - what's the checkout cart look like is it easier simple is it one step two steps or three steps how much data do you want from people when did you ask for the credit card how soon did you ask for was it too soon you didn't get the name so when they abandoned the cart you still didn't actually get their information are you gonna use a landing page are you going to use a website how many landing pages you think you need okay is that a is that a standard URL with a dot for wardslash or is it a bunch of different URLs okay.

I mean how are you gonna remember him I had a guy tell me once dude how do you remember all your URLs Branden Dawson he's like me and my me and my girl we just sit here and just listen to you on the Instagram Grant Car done duck out for lunch blue green pick up booty did you Dada go to this one and we're gonna do how do you even remember I have a trick for doing that and by the way that URL needs to communicate an action the forward slash needs to be you're going to do some thing with me okay how do you use DMS how many games did we add this just in the last week 13,000 DMS on Instagram how do you use them.

how do you intervene with the chat on your website you're gonna have a website you're gonna have to have chat on it most people have chat don't even use the chat what do I do with YouTube anything go in away a lot of things are gonna go away that won't go away okay what are you gonna do in LinkedIn what's the messaging here what's the messaging on Facebook they're gonna throttle you you know they're gonna throttle you Facebook owns Instagram they're gonna throttle you we've seen the throttling right Johnny okay what do you do see most of you have a favorite social media.

if you want to know what my favorite social media is get to be part of our mentoring program I'm going to show you the social media and that will pay you over and over and over again and they can never throttle you let's see what else I had Facebook tick to ck TV don't forget it man TVs gonna happen again okay infomercials you will see us new infomercials this year you'll see straight up ads to 60-second ad 30-second ads and the in promotional radio and a radio show will by that time I could go on and on okay so look what do we want to tell people to do right now you guys got him okay okay card on you card on you I continue to bring a new content here make sure you're checking into card on you every day every day we're gonna bedropping.

new content this is my legacy product right here card on University is where I be become a teacher a facilitator if you're part of our license program this is where you need to check in for new information not Instagram not Facebook and not YouTube it's here a card on you card on you calm this is the place where I'll help you and your family watch this with your family watch it with your kids watch it with your spouse okay share it with the people around you I want to get millions of people using card on you as their educational platform so that when you want to learn about sales marketing follow up how to use social media better.

how to monetize how to how to actually make money save money invest money if you want to learn how to push a project into your community Car done you will show you how to do what you need to do to build your business build your brand and get that monetized in the marketplace till next time 

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