How to Make Money on Instagram

How to Make Money on Instagram
Today I will share with you a step by step to make money on Instagram. Why on Instagram? Because it’s a wonderful opportunity us a huge 80% of the 800 million users on Instagram follow a business on Instagram.

And the best part? At least 30% of Instagram users have purchaseda product that they first discovered on Instagram. Okay, so how can you join the fun and makemoney on Instagram too? Well, there are 5 main methods. Number 1: Become an Influencer yourself. 

This can take time. But if your patient, savvy, and can buildan authoritative personal brand on Instagram, other businesses will pay you to promote theirproducts. Number 2: Create and sell your own digitalproducts.

For example, try selling online courses, ebooks,and design templates. This can be a great money-making tactic, butyou do need to create these products before you can sell them. Number 3: Create and sell your own physicalproducts.

If you’ve already designed, patented, andmanufactured a product, Instagram is a great channel for marketing it. But this is only for more serious ecommerceentrepreneurs. product, patent it, have it manufactured,manage the storage, and handle shipping them out. This method is great for more experiencedecommerce entrepreneurs.

Number 4: Become an affiliate and make moneyon Instagram promoting other business’s products. Now, this method is relatively easy, and faster,to get going. Because, there are plenty of sites onlinethat will connect you to other businesses willing to pay you to sell their products. But, the downside is that you’re not incontrol of the offers you’re promoting. 

And, that brings me to… Number 5: Start a dropshipping business. This is the method we recommend. Especially if you’re just starting out,and want to create a successful, sustainable business where you’re in control. But, what is dropshipping? Dropshipping is where you sell physical products.

But, you don’t need to order any productsupfront, store the products yourself, or even ship them out to customers. All this is taken care of for you. What you have to do, is create a store, addsome products and market your products on Instagram. 

Then, when a customer submits an order, yoursupplier will charge you the cost of the product, and ship it to the customer — and you getto keep the profit. Dropshipping is an incredible opportunityfor new entrepreneurs. Why? Firstly, you’re in control of your business. And secondly, you don’t need a lot of moneyto get started. 

Also, with apps like Shopify and Oberlo, it’seasy to get a profitable business up and running quickly and easily. What’s more, this is a method that you canscale into a long-term, sustainable business. So, how can you use dropshipping to make moneyon Instagram? Well, there are three main ways to promoteyour products on Instagram: Grow your audience organically,Use Instagram ads, or... Partner with influencers to promote your store. 

All of these are great ways to make moneyon Instagram. But before we get into each of them, you needto create a dropshipping store, and setup your Instagram account. Let’s start with your store. You can set up an ecommerce business in minutesat — this is free for 14 days, and then only $29 a month thereafter. Then, you’ll need to install the Oberloapp — which is free for life! Shopify is your store itself. 

It’s your website, and it’s where you’llshowcase your products, and take sales. And, Oberlo enables you to find products,and add them to your store. Between the two, you can have your own fullyfunctional dropshipping store set up in minutes! If you’d like more help with this, I’veincluded links to a couple of short videos in the description below. 

Next up? You need to pick a niche. Now, you might be tempted to create a storethat sells all kinds of products, like Amazon. But, it’s far better to start off with anarrow niche. In fact, the narrower, the better. Choosing a small niche allows you to cut throughthe noise on Instagram and start making sales.

 Based on Instagram’s top hashtags, popularniches include fashion, food, beauty, and fitness. Whatever you choose, try to pick a niche you’refamiliar with. Because, it’s best to have a solid understandingof your target customers. 

This will make it easier for you to createengaging posts, captions, and product offerings. Then, use Oberlo to find products in yourchosen niche, and add them to your Shopify store. Again, for more help, checkout the resourceslinked in the description below.

 Next, you need to create a Winning InstagramProfile Upload a profile picture that features a personusing one of your products, like fashion brands Military Hippie, and Chubbies. In your bio, write a snappy description ofyour brand like you would in a Tweet. 

Try to make it emotional, about your customer,and finish with a call-to-action that encourages people to click your link. To start, link directly to your products page,and make sure your link is easily readable. Okay, now that you’re all set up, it’stime to make money on Instagram! To recap, there are three main ways to promoteyour dropshipping store on Instagram. Grow your audience organically,Use Instagram ads, or... Partner with influencers to promote your store.

Let’s run through each of them. First up? Grow your following organically. Here’s 8 top tips to get you started:Number 1: Make sure the content you share is high in quality. It needs to be in HD and well-lit. And, take advantage of Instagram’s inbuilteditor and filters. Number 2: Share lots of different contentto find out what works best for you.

You never know what’s going to work untilyou try it. For example, while Instagram video consumptionhas increased 40%, photos actually generate 36% more likes. You could share inspirational quotes, how-tovideos, or run competitions. To get inspiration, check out what’s workingfor your competitors.

 Number 3: Don’t Spam people with your offers. One study showed that Instagram users enjoyseeing photos of products. In fact, product posts are actually more popularthan lifestyle images from influencers, and celebrities! But, it’s generally understood that peoplehate to be sold to. 

So, by all means promote your products, butmake sure you’re also creating a good experience for your followers. Number 4: Post photos that feature faces. Why? Because, images that feature faces get 38%more likes than those without. Number 5: Don’t forget Instagram StoriesUsing Instagram Stories is a fantastic addition to your marketing strategy. 

In fact, one-third of the most viewed Storiesare from businesses. Start out by posting several Stories a day,and see what works. Number 6: Repost content from other accounts. This is a great way to share good contentwithout needing to create it yourself. Instagram’s Terms of Use, state that youmust reach out and obtain written permission from someone before reposting their content. 

You can do this by sending them a direct message,or commenting on the post itself. You can use an app like Repost for Instagram— I’ve included a link to it in the description below. Number 7: Use plenty of hashtags. Images with 11 or more hashtags perform thebest. Also, download a hashtag app like Focalmarkto help you find the best hashtags to include. And, lastly... Number 8: Engage with your community often. 

According to Buffer, major brands post anaverage of 1.5 times per day to Instagram. So, aim to post 1-2 times a day. Also, reply to comments, and reach out toother users on the platform. For more tips on how to grow organically,we’ve included a link in the description Next up? Make money on Instagram using ads. 

There are now over 1 million advertisers onInstagram — and for good reason. Instagram ads are a great way to promote yourproducts to the people most likely to buy them. To get started with Instagram ads, you needto setup a Facebook ad account — there’s a link to this in the description below. And there are 3 key steps to creating a killerInstagram ad. Let’s take a quick look at them. 

Number 1: Select your target audience. First, clearly identify who your target customeris. How old are they? Where do they live? What are their interests? The more specific the better. That way, you’ll make sure that you’renot wasting money on ads which aren’t reaching your ideal customers. 

Then, use the Facebook ad manager to honein and select your audience. Number 2: Create a compelling offer and writeyour ad. Remember, people love to buy stuff, but theyhate to be sold to. So, always ask yourself, “What’s in itfor them?” Maybe try a discount or sale for a limitedtime only, to increase urgency. Or, see what’s working for your competitors. 

And when writing your ad, make sure you don’tjust tell people what your product is — tell them how it benefits them. Number 3: Choose your picture or video. Images account for 75-90% of Facebook advertisingperformance. But, your image is even more important onan entirely image-based platform like Instagram! Remember, images with faces perform better. 

So, make sure you feature a model using yourproduct. For more tips on how to create awesome Instagramads, we’ve linked to an in-depth guide in the description below. And last on our list of ways to make moneyon Instagram, is to... Partner with Instagram influencers. Instagram is the place for Influencers. 

So much so, that almost 80% of influencersprefer Instagram for brand collaborations over any other channel. And remember, influencers aren’t just celebrities,or famous YouTubers. Anyone with a reasonably large following canbe an Influencer. So, although Kim Kardashian might be a littletoo pricey for your first campaign, you should be able to partner with a micro-influencerin your niche.

 Micro-influencers with 2,000 to 100,000 followerscharge, on average, between $137 and $258 per Instagram post. This might be a lot of money when you’refirst starting out. But, if you do your homework and find theright Influencer, it can be worth every cent. So, how do you find the right influencer? First, look for an account with at least afew thousand followers — ideally, over 10,000. Then, identify those with high engagement. 

How many likes do they get on average? How many comments? Have they promoted products before? And, if so, did the posts receive a lot oflikes and comments? Once you have a list of influencers who mightbe a good fit, you need to create a compelling offer. 

Simply, what’s in it for them? And, what’s in it for their audience? To start, offer them your product for free,and perhaps a small payment. And, provide a special discount just for theiraudience. Also, a dedicated discount code will let youtell how many sales are a result of the influencer campaign. 

And, if it works out, you might want to paythem a larger fee to do a more in-depth video promotion. Or maybe even establish a longer term partnership. For more help on how to sell products withinfluencer marketing, there’s a link to our guide in the description below. And, although there are tons of ways to makemoney on Instagram, dropshipping is an awesome business model that you can get up and runningquickly and easily.

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