Ajay Devgan - Biography 2020

Today we're going to talkabout Vishal Devgan. His father had decided thathis eldest born child would work.. ..in the film industry. Though he couldn't becomea hero himself he was determined.. ..to make his son a hero. The dreams of action directorVeeru Devgan came true. His son Vishal became famousas Ajay Devgan in film industry.

'Sir, think before you take any action.' 'I'm Vijay Saxena.' 'A small spark can burn down a forest.' 'You're na├»ve,so you're fanning this fire.' Ajay Devgan was bornon 2nd April, 1969. Yes. His father Veeru Devganwas action director. He launched his son in filmsand proved that.. ..an action director's soncan be a super-star. 'Just a  minute.' 'I agree that you're a powerfulpersonality of this city.

You're respected by everyone.' 'There may be many peoplewho are scared of you.' 'But, I'm different from others'. 'I don't like anyone threatening me.' The name of Ajay's mom is Veena. She was a film producer. His brother Anil Devgan becamea film-maker and screenplay-writer. Ajay did his schooling fromSilver Beach High School, Juhu. He went to Mithibai Collegefor higher studies.

Honey, he's Vijay,an ex-student of our college.' 'He was the brightest student ofthe college.' 'Vijay, she's Honey.' 'Honey?But she's not sweet like her name.' 'I think he was deprived of lovein life and so she's spreading hatred.' 'Her name should have beenHissing Snake and not Honey.

His debut film 'Phool Aur Kante'released in 1991. He danced and foughthis way into people's heart. His famous motorcycle stuntis still fresh in everybody's memory. Ajay Devgan performed as an action heroin the beginning of his career.. .. in films like 'Phool Aur Kante','Suhaag', 'Jigar'. The audience also got to see himperform emotional roles.. ..which were differentfrom his action roles.

Brother, I'm sure somebodyhas conspire against us.' 'The money for the jewelrywas snatched from me.' 'I looked for that man everywherebut I couldn't trace him.' 'How could I sharethe truth with you.. ..as the family prestige was at risk?' 'You would've to bow downbefore others to save the honour.' 'I couldn't think of any solution.' 'I was ready to do anything for money.

He acted in films like'Naajayaz', 'Diljale' and 'Zakhm'. He also featuredin the comedy film 'Ishq'.. ..starring Juhi Chawla,Kajol and Amir Khan. In the 1990s Ajay Devgan proved that.. ..he was one of the most talented actorsin the film industry. "I love you." "I confess my love for you.

You can take my life if you wish to." "I'll never refuse you." He was awarded with theNational Award for the Best actor.. ..for the film 'Zakhm'. He then acted in the famous movie'Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam'. Salman Khan and Aishwarya Raifeatured as lovers in the film.

The film was directed bySanjay Leela Bhansali. But his mature acting madethe film memorable. It seemed as if Ajay Devganwas gradually shifting.. ..from commercial films to art films. But, then he proved everybody wrongby acting in movies based on underworld. Who can forget Ram Gopal Verma's film'Company'? Ajay Devgan is one ofthose few actors who.. ..played the roles of bothhero and villain.

 He featured as a villainin the film 'Deewangee'. He acted as a national hero in the film'The Legend of Bhagat Singh'. He acted in serious films;like Rituparno Ghosh's 'Raincoat'. Prakash Jha's 'Gangajal',Mani Ratnam's 'Yuva'. Vishal Bharadwaj's 'Omkara'. Then he broke the image ofa serious actor and featured.. ..in his friend Rohit Shetty's films.

Golmaal Fun Unlimited', 'GolmaalReturns', 'All the best, fun begins'.. ..'Golmaal 3', 'Bol Bachchan','Son of Sardar'. I'm very happy for Rohit,myself, for my whole team.. ..who have worked so hardand proved themselves.

Ajay Devgan is a multi-talented star. He not only acted in filmsbut produced and directed films. That's a compliment.That's very sweet of you to say that. He featured in the film'U Me Aur Hum' with his wife. Ajay Devgan fell in love with Kajol. "Things were going to change one day." "It has finally happened." "It has happened." Kajol is a super-star in her own right.

The wayward bees buzz around softly." They got married on24th February, 1999.. ..as per Maharashtriancustoms and rituals. They've two kids,one son and a daughter. Yes. In 2009 he changedthe spelling of Devgan. That's not going to work. Ajay Devgan directedand produced films.. ..and achieved name and famethat can't be achieved by everybody.

That's not true. Be it 'Omkara' based onShakespeare's Othello.. ..or Rohit Shetty'scommercial films or.. ..the social dramas of Prakash Jha.. ..Ajay Devgan performedwell in each and every character. This is a feat thateverybody can't achieve.

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