Sushant death case: CBI may arrest the first person soon!

Sushant Singh Rajput was one of the most popular actors in Bollywood. But the star was found hanging in a flat in Bandra, Mumbai last June.

Two months after the death of Sushant Singh, the shocking information about the late actor's friend Sandeep Singh has come out publicly. He may be interrogated in this regard.

Sushant's family did not know Sandeep Singh. It was also reported that Sandeep's name was never heard on Sushant's face. But after seeing Sushant's body, when the actor's sister Mitu Singh fell unconscious in Bandra's flat, Sandeep Singh was present there. This has been informed by Sushant's niece Mallika.

After Sushant's death, when followers started pointing fingers at Sandeep Singh, he did not comment. It is even claimed by the family of the late actor that Sandeep Singh is starting to make various comments after Sushant's death in his own interest. It is learned that this time Sandeep Singh may be questioned by the CBI.

Meanwhile, questions have started to arise as to why Riya secretly entered Cooper Hospital after Sushant's death. When Sushant's family was standing outside during the autopsy, the media was brawling about how Riya went straight to the morgue. There are various questions as to with whose permission Rhea entered the morgue of Cooper Hospital on June 14. However, Riya did not comment on the matter.

However, when Riya Chakraborty was heard saying 'I am sorry Babu' next to Sushant's body, a man named Surjit Singh Rathore was present. What Riya did after entering the morgue on June 14 is clear from the eyewitness statement.

Surjit Singh Rathore was heard making a few more demands in front of the media. He said that the 'mastermind' of Sushant Singh Rajput's death was Sandeep Singh, the producer friend of the late actor. Surjit also claimed that everything happened according to his plan. The man named Surjit Singh Rathore even accused Sandeep Singh of being a 'murderer'. Source: GenNews

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