Sonu is arranging accommodation for 20,000 workers

Sonu is arranging accommodation for 20,000 workers
Bollywood star Sonu Sood seems to have by and by presented himself since the start of coronavirus.Gotten homeless people, flood setbacks, coroners and helpless people have acted the saint by investing a fearless energy.

Also, he is helping people from numerous perspectives. Sonu has become an 'authentic legend' to Indians. As per the online variant of India TV, Sonu Sood as of late propelled the activity entry 'Prabasi Rozgar' to support transient laborers. 

Sonu on Monday offered to give convenience to those filling in as piece of clothing laborers in Noida. Sonu will organize convenience for 20,000 laborers. The entertainer additionally posted about this on Twitter. 

Last July 30 was Sonu's 47th birthday celebration. Sonu Sood extended to three lakh employment opportunities as a present to transient laborers on her birthday. He made the proposition with the goal that the traveler laborers could have a serene existence during this season of the Corona plague. 

Numerous traveler laborers in India have lost their positions due to the coronavirus scourge. Prior, Sonu helped the abandoned transients to arrive at their homes.

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