Salman is being forced to reduce his salary

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why Salman is being forced to reduce his salary

In spite of the fact that the shooting and arrival of the film has been postponed, it is supposed that the unscripted TV drama will be 'Bigg Boss' this year. Obviously, the show has been a significant mainstay of Salman Khan's notoriety over the most recent couple of years. 

So with the prominence of the show, the nephew likewise requested a major cost. Yet, he is being compelled to lessen his pay in the wake of Corona. 

A year ago, Salman was paid Rs 13 crore for every week for 'Bigg Boss Season Thirteen'. He shot two scenes around the same time. From that point, Salman made six and a half crore rupees for each scene. Be that as it may, 

this time because of Corona's business downturn, the concerned channel has applied to Salman to decrease the charge. It is heard that this time Vizion will get a pay of Tk 9 crore for every week. A few seasons prior, Salman was paid near this figure. 

It is found out that the configuration of the show is additionally changing due to Atimari. Producers need to diminish the spending plan. So this time there will be four or five celebs in the show. 

The remainder of the challengers will be from the overall population. In the last not many seasons, individually the overall contenders were kept. 

The most significant thing in this show will be the issue of keeping the cleanliness rules. It is heard that keeping up the cleanliness will likewise be significant in the errand that is given while inside the house. 

Temporary workers' agreements are being made in such a manner. In the event that you bargain on account of cleanliness, the compensation may likewise be influenced.

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