Repeated murders, threats of rape that Pooja Bhatt decided


Director-actress and Mahesh Bhatt's daughter Pooja Bhatt was repeatedly receiving death and rape threats on social media. That is why he has made the ultimate decision.

The 'sin' director made the Instagram account private. According to him, if a fan wants to know what is happening in his life, then he should be sent a follow request.

Pooja shared a picture and wrote, "I don't have the time, energy and desire to keep anger in my mind for the haters." I’m busy loving people I love. With this he wrote a long post. He explained why he decided to privatize his Instagram account.

Pooja writes, ‘It had to be said. Instagram has become a place where anyone, at will, can come and abuse anyone, threaten rape or even die.

I avoid that kind of thing, because I think people who are in pain are just trying to hurt you. If you accept love, you should accept hatred equally.

But if someone wants to kill you and your family, criticizes you in an organized way, isn't that a matter of harm like cyber bullying? Everyone told me to close the comment section.

But as a result I was deprived of all the positive energies. Good, organized feedback. Why should I push those people away, saying some people are vomiting poison. So I decided to make this account private.

Earlier, Pooja Bhatt's half-sister, Alia Bhatt's sister Shahin Bhatt, had also spoken of receiving death threats on social media. Shaheen even lamented that Instagram did not take any action against the threat.

Criticism since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Mahesh Bhatt and his family have been at the center of trolling. No one is unaware of Mahesh Bhatt's closeness with Risha Chakraborty, Sushant's girlfriend and the main accused in the case.

The Mahesh-Rear WhatsApp chat leaked on Thursday has once again fanned the flames of the controversy.

In that chat, it is clear that Mahesh Bhatt's advice has played a big role in the Sushant-Rear break-up. On June 8, Mahesh Bhatt even advised Riya not to return to Sushant in the future.

On the other hand, netizens did not like Ali's comments about Sushant on the show Coffee With Karan. Alia's comment went viral after Sushant's death. Aliao has also limited the comment section of her Instagram account.

Only those who follow him can comment on Alia's post. Directed by Mahesh Bhatt and starring Alia, Pooja, Sarak 2 is a target for netizens. In the case of Dislike, the world's second disliked video has already been branded on the forehead of Road 2.

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