Kajal does not have a good relationship with new Bollywood stars


Following quite a long while, Kajal is going ahead screen inverse Ajay Devgn. The name of the film is
'Tanaji-The Ansang Warrior'. Aside from Ajay and Kajal,

Saif Ali Khan is likewise in it. Kajal as of late gave a meeting about her up and coming film and her new acting involvement in her better half Ajay

Aside from acting with her better half for quite a while, she was likewise gotten some information about her relationship with contemporary Bollywood entertainers and entertainers. Accordingly, the entertainer said that acting in each film feels like a rebound to her.

So acting with Ajay in Tanaji doesn't mean anything new rebound, he said. The entertainer further said that her relationship with Aamir,

Akshay and Saif is very full grown. His bond with Karisma or Ravina is as yet flawless. Notwithstanding, they remember to search for one another regardless of whether they don't impart normally through web based life. 

Also, with regards to new Bollywood stars, Kajal stated, the individuals who have come to Bollywood in the last 10-15 years, it isn't that they have an excellent relationship with those entertainers.

Since he doesn't have the foggiest idea about every one of those entertainers well. That is the reason Kajal clarified that he doesn't generally converse with them.

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