Strategies to increase revenue from Google Adsense 2020


At present everyone is more or less familiar with Google AdSense. Basically, the most popular way to earn money online is Google AdSense.

If you follow the rules and guidelines of AdSense properly, it is easy to earn money by approving AdSense and showing ads properly.

After a long effort, Google AdSense is able to approve, but many can not increase revenue. The main reason why Google AdSense revenue is not increasing is the inability to use it properly.

What is Google AdSense in today's event? How to increase revenue from Google AdSense.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a web application powered by Google. It is basically a profit-sharing scheme through which Google and its users can earn money by advertising on their websites.

The owner of a website or blog may, under certain conditions, earn money by displaying or placing Google-assigned ads on his site.

And Google AdSense is currently the most effective and the world's largest online advertising network through which the world's largest bloggers and webmasters monetize their blog / website to earn money. Google makes a large portion of their annual revenue from Google AdSense.

How Google AdSense works

First you need to be a Google AdSense publisher and promote AdSense ads on your blog / website or YouTube channel.

If someone sees that ad and clicks, you will get a certain amount of money for each click. In addition, you will get a small amount of money just to show ads on your blog / site.

And Google collects these ads from advertisers through another of their programs, Google AdWords.

Strategies to increase revenue from Google AdSense

Follow Google AdSense policy properly

Many people do not think much about this issue. Maybe you don't think it will have much effect on the blog. Doing something without following Google AdSense guidelines may result in banning your Google AdSense account at any time instead of increasing your revenue. Here are some key pointers from Google AdSense.

Don't click on ads on your blog. * Do not use Paid Traffic or Clicking. ** Do not click on the ad by changing or hiding the IP Address or vpn usage * Not encouraging others to click on the ad.

Put the ad code in the right place

Google AdSense ad codes need to be placed in a place where visitors can easily see the ad. And this method will make you more likely to click on the ads in the blog. Google Adsense always displays content related ads, so when the reader can easily see the ads, he may need that thing.

In this case he must click on the ad if he needs to. However, refrain from placing large amounts of ads within the content area of ​​the blog.

Increasing the loading speed of the blog

A fast blog will be able to increase both visitors and ad clicks. If the blog is too slow then there is no way to get visitor and page views. Because if the blog takes too long to load, visitors will get annoyed and leave your blog.

Exclude other ads

If you want to increase the revenue from Google AdSense ads, you must avoid all the ads that are less important than AdSense. In this case, the load time of the blog will increase a lot.

In addition, Google AdSense does not like to display their ads as well as other types of ads. If you use any other type of advertising before applying for Google AdSense, you must do it. Otherwise the AdSense team You will not be granted your application in any way.

Writing original and quality content

The first condition for making good money from AdSense is to publish original and quality content on the website regularly as per the demand of the visitors.

For that, you must keep in mind that copy-paste content is not given on the site. High-paying advertisers come to the aid of quality content, who are interested in paying a good CPC for clicks. Understand the importance of writing original and quality posts.

So to increase AdSense revenue you should post quality content without copy-paste as per demand.

Publish regular content

To get a lot of new unique visitors to the blog, you must regularly post new articles. If you follow SEO and share good quality content on the blog, both visitors and revenue will increase.

However, keep in mind that when you share more content, the copy content does not become shared. This can lead to loss of Adsense account instead of increasing revenue.

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