For example, he is 'Amir'

Let's start with a story - two of Bollywood's three Khans came to the shoot long after the scheduled time. Then, despite their reluctance, they stood in front of the camera. Another Khan came for the shooting on time. Even after the director announces the end of the shooting, he says, "Can another take be taken?" Now the question is, who eats this third?

The story was told by renowned entertainment analyst Rob Kane in a recent report in Forbes Magazine. He also told the story of Aamir Khan's becoming 'Amir'. In a report titled 'How Aamir Khan went from a young romantic hero to a philosophical king in the film world', the author praised the actor.

According to him, it is very difficult to stay on the big screen. Many come to the film and get established in the blink of an eye. Although many gained ‘star’ fame through many attempts, they got lost in the pit of memory after failing in a couple of movies. The taste of the audience also changes with age. So their first favorite actor became old once in a while. Also, trying to inspire a nation for a long time is not possible for everyone.

But in the case of Bollywood's Aamir Khan, things are different. Even after 45 years of making his debut on the silver screen as a child artist in 1983, this actor has become 'Amir' in the world of painting. There were also failures in his professional life. He also had to suffer from the poison of condemnation, controversy and critics. But nothing could stop Amir's progress. The number of his fans outside India is increasing day by day.

For the sake of 'Dangal', Amir has taken place in the hearts of the people of China, the most populous country in the world. Also, Aamir Khan's 'Three Idiots' is ranked 12th in the list of all time favorite movies of the people of that country.

According to analyst Kane, there are many more famous celebrities in the world, such as Tom Cruise, Will Smith, Jackie Chan, Jennifer Lawrence and others. But, the reality is - many of their pictures have flopped recently. Or, just because of their names, fans don't stumble into the auditorium. But look at Aamir's case, the star-studded badge that was on Aamir's forehead as a result of his performance in 'Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak' in 1986,

It has become brighter day by day. However, a New York Times film critic realized this four years ago. Aamir Khan first played the lead role in the 1964 experimental feature film Holi. Seeing his performance, the critic wrote in the magazine, "It has been a great performance in general."

Noting that Aamir's path in the film was not smooth, analyst Kane said that Aamir has always rediscovered himself and got to where he is today. Because, his father Tahir Hossain, as a producer, poured a lot of money behind the movie,

But he did not see the face of success. So due to lack of money, Amir had to stop going to school. As a teenager, Aamir concentrated on sports as well as studies and acting if it was to be a success. While in high school, he became a championship-level tennis player.

Later, Aamir gave gifts like ‘Dil Hai Ke Manta Nehi’, ‘Raja Hindustani’, ‘Logan’, ‘Rang De Basanti’, ‘Tare Zamin Par’, ‘PK’ etc. He has a reputation for making movies selectively. However, Aamir did not confine himself to the silver screen even though he became a star by making and acting one blockbuster after another. He has engaged himself in social development and social movement. He has also established himself as a humanitarian, outspoken social worker.

He holds the National Film Award of India, the prestigious Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan from the Government of India, the Special Award from the Chinese Government and the title of 'World's Greatest Actor' by Newsweek Magazine.

Today, Aamir is an Oscar-nominated film producer in the history of Indian cinema, an influential giant, and the earnings of his films are enviable to many. After all, his manners are more amiable than those of many well-known Bollywood actors. With all this, actor Aamir Khan has become 'Amir' in the minds of the people, added Kane.

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